Here you can find answers to your most common questions about us and our products.

About us

Lyckegård is based in Sweden with a head quarter outside Lund at Trollebergs Gård and a production site in Fornåsa. We also have a subsidiary, Lyckegård Finland, in Vasa Finland and a Sales Manager in Germany.

We manufacture and sell agricultural tools for the entire crop rotation, from sowing to mechanical weed control and tillage. You can find our range of products here.

We started as Just Common Sense and with just one machine – Combcut about 20 years ago. In 2019, the company changed its name to Lyckegård Group AB.

Lyckegård sells directly to customers in Sweden and Finland and has no dealers in these countries. In the rest of Europe and North America, we work with selected partners who sells our entie portfolio or a part of it. You can find our distributors here.

Our products

Our sparepart stock is located in Vasa, Finland and in Fornåsa, Sweden.

Who do I call if I need spare parts?

If you need spare parts for Cameleon, call +46 (0) 73 06 68 592 or send an email to michael@lyckegard.com

For other machines call +358 (0) 50 326 1556 or email patrik@lyckegard.com

We have some machines at our productions site in Fornåsa, but it varies a bit. If you want to see a machine on the field, please contact our sales representatives for a demo or visit one of the agricultural shows where we participate.

We have machines mainly for mechanical weed control, tillage and establishment. You can find our full range here.

All information about different weeds that can be cut selectively can be found here

User questions about everything from knife settings to function are collected here.


If you want to talk to a specific person, you can find our contact details here. Otherwise, it is always possible to call our switchboard on +46 455 34 48 90 or send an email to info@lyckegard.com

Complaint and warranty

Contact our customer service at info@lyckegard.com and we will help you as soon as possible

When you buy one of our own machines (Combcut, Kvickfinn, Crimperroller and Cameleon) it automatically includes a 12-month warranty.

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