Business model

Lyckegård wants to contribute to the development of organic and sustainable farming. Through sustainable devices, we create new conditions for the farmers of the future.

Sustainable innovation for the future of agriculture

Lyckegård sells and develops innovative tools for organic farmers; for those who already farm organically and for those who want to coonvert their business. The demand for sustainably produced food is increasing in Europe and Lyckegård wants to contribute to better agriculture by making it easier for farmers to meet the growing needs. The ambition is to offer a comprehensive product and service portfolio for sustainable agricultural production.

Already today, Lyckegård has a full product range with four own products and complementary tools from other manufacturers, including German Treffler and Köckerling (sold by Lyckegård in Scandinavia). In the Nordic region, our own products are marketed by us and in Northern Europe through distributors, retailers and agents.
As sustainable agriculture develops, the demand for innovative solutions is increasing. This means that Lyckegård’s products will play an increasing role for farmers who want to decrease their use of chemical needs. Today, Lyckegård is the market leader in the Nordic region with its broad product offering for sustainable agriculture, a position we plans to maintain in the future

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