Effective equipment for soil management and the expert tool when fighting perennial weeds

The enemy of perennial weeds

The cultivator Kvickfinn is used in mechanical weed control and is a combination of a cultivator and a pick-up rotor. The custom made goosefoot cuts off the roots, processes the soil and lifts up the roots on the soil surface. The rotortines then grab the roots, throw them high into the air and far behind the machine. The roots land on the field surface, far from the growth resources; water and nutrients. On the field surface, the roots are exposed to sun and wind, which causes them to dry out and die.

98% effect in fallow system

Official test results made in Finland show that Kvickfinn is the most effective machine against perennial weeds such as couchgrass and various thistles with up to 98% effect with an early summer fallow. The cereal harvest also increases the following year, since the soil is free of weeds. The tests were done by running Kvickfinn three times during May-June followed by sowing of green manure.

Briefly about Kvickfinn

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