Powerful weed control above the crop.

Powerful weed cutter

In times when the use of herbicides must decrease, mechanical weed control is a solution for dealing with high weed pressure. The weed cutter Bionalan cuts off the seed heads of the weeds above the crop to prevent further seed production and spreading. The tool has hydraulically driven rotary knives and a working height of between 15 and 180 cm. A large number of models with different working widths are available to suit different needs.

Fight weeds in clover seed leys

Weed control has become a problem in conventional clover seed production since Reglone was banned, which has meant that mechanical measures now need to be taken. With a Bionalan you can polish the clover seed ley and get a good weed effect, while the flowering is synced which can give a better pollination and also result in an increased seed harvest. 

Bionalan in brief

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In above clip: 12M on wheats with poppies.

In above clip: 9M sugarbeats.

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