Lyckegård’s sustainability policy

Our sustainability policy applies to the whole of Lyckegård. It guides our operations and forms the basis for how we manage risks and make decisions. We use the policy when we meet customers and interact with suppliers and colleagues.

We contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture

Our vision is A living earth that we can proudly  pass on to the next generation. Organic farming is in our DNA and we want to continue to create the conditions for farming with the least possible impact on our environment. Our sustainability policy is based on the four Sustainable Development Goals from Agenda 2030:

2.4 Sustainable food production and resilient agricultural practices

3.9 Reduce illnesses and deaths from hazardous chemicals and pollution

6.6 Protect and restore water-related ecosystems

15.5 Protect biodiversity and natural habitats

Environmental considerations

We work for a better environment and reduced climate impact by:

– Advocate for crop farming with reduced use of pesticides and mineral fertilisers that can affect micro life on land and water. Reduced use of chemical pesticides also reduces the risk for the farmer handling the pesticides.

– Contribute to increasing biodiversity by reducing the use of plant protection products and chemical fertilisers.

– Advise, manufacture and sell agricultural tools suitable for sustainable crop production, such as mechanical and indirect methods.

– Using quality materials in our products so that they can be used for a long time and recycled in a good way.

– Selling directly to the customer, avoiding unnecessary transport. We carefully review the transport used within the company to reduce emissions.

– Continuously work with the supply chain and strive to purchase local services and materials.

– Work continuously to reduce the company’s environmental impact by setting targets, monitoring performance and taking action.

– Work to meet the environmental requirements set by legislation.

Social responsibility

We promote human rights, good working conditions and business ethics by:

– Providing solutions for sustainable agriculture which produces safe and healthy food.

– Strive for equal treatment, gender equality, good working conditions and a healthy and motivating corporate culture.

– Welcoming an open dialogue characterised by our core values of knowledge, ingenuity, down-to-earth and courage.

– Reject all forms of corruption, bribery or other undue influence.

– Collaborate with universities and stakeholder organisations to contribute to research and development in the agri-food sector.

– Continuously work with a systematic work environment management (SAM).

Long-term profitability

We practice sustainable business and contribute to long-term sustainability by:

– Supporting and developing agriculture to be more sustainable and profitable in the long term by contributing to a better environment

– Strive for resource efficiency and long-term profitability for the benefit of society and our customers.

– Integrate sustainability issues into our operational management and decisions.

– Pay corporate tax, VAT and social security contributions in accordance with current legislation.


The policy was adopted by the Lyckegård Board 2022-05-31

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