A flexible tool for precise results

The machine that adapts to the farmer's needs

“As a farmer, you should be able to grow like you want and not like the machine wants,” says Lars Askling, founder of Gothia Redskap and inventor of Cameleon. This is why he developed a machine that can be adapted to different operating systems and also used for several different things; sowing, weed harrowing, inter-row hoeing, harrowing, fertilizing and various combination runs, depending on what the machine is equipped with.

In 2021, Lyckegård acquired the innovative family business Gothia Redskap & Ekoväxt AB and their innovation Cameleon.

For an efficient agriculture

Cameleon is designed to provide flexible opportunities for efficient agriculture, even without pesticides. The system is not just a seeding machine. Thanks to its row tracking technology, the machine works between the rows of the crop after the emergence. This means that the system replaces several machine types and also offers completely new field work such as in row fertilization. As a seeding machine, the system places the crop with precise row spacing, which in the latter stages gives a possibility to hatch closer to the crop row than is otherwise possible. The combined effect of the system is reduced machine costs, maximized precision and higher returns than traditional technology provides.

The most developed cultivation system for organic farming on the market

The mineralisation is done through the correct placement of fertilisers as well as through the powerful line hacking that Cameleon performs compared to competitors

As a seeding machine, Cameleon combines aggressive cutting ability with low traction needs. For an 8 m Cameleon, equipped for sowing, fertilizer and line chopping is enough with a 160 hp tractor. These are just some of the benefits that make Cameleon the most developed system for cultivation, completely without, or with reduced pesticide use.


We know how often the conditions change. That´s why Cameleon is a modular system!

The modular construction means that the system is largely upgradeable. In this way, you can spread your investment and in most cases follow the technology development without having to replace the entire machine.
Different module combinations provide synergies and new opportunities in a single machine. For example sowing, inter-row hoeing, inter-row fertilization, under- sowing, crust breaking or inter-row weed harrowing.

Cameleon in brief

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