Selective weed cutting in growing crop

Reduce weeds in growing crop without pesticides

Through our unique technology, you can mechanically fight weeds by combing through the crop, selectively cutting weeds and allowing the crop to grow in. Better for the producer, the consumer and our environment.

Combcut is developed for selective weed control in cereal and grassland, but it can also be used to cut weeds growing above other kinds of crops.

In which crops can you use Combcut?

Combcut does not process the soil and therefore does not cause any leakage of nutrients, dehydration or impact on microlife. The recommendation is to start using Combcut early in the season and also run later in established crop and grassland and against herbicide-resistant weeds.

What weeds does Combcut work on?

Combcut is mainly developed for weed control in crops such as cereals and ley, but can also be used to cut weeds that grow above other crops. There are a lot of weeds that Combcut can fight – you can find more information here!

How do I use my Combcut?

By putting a knife together with a metal bar with an opening at the rear end, coarse weeds are cut off but the slimmer crop passes through unharmed.

When several pairs of these are mounted on a steel beam, the selective function of the machine is created. Combcut is used down in the crop by combing and cutting weeds while leaving the crop unharmed.

Combcut in brief

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