Crimperroller crushes green manure crops and processes the soil surface

Terminate the cover crop with Crimperroller

Crimperroller is a so-called crop roller used in the termination of cover crops and green manure crops. With the v-shaped blades on the drum, the crop is cut and crushed and its growth is interrupted. The mulch competes well against weeds, helps to improve soil structure and nutrient content and retains moisture in the soil surface. Add more weight if needed by filling the drum with water.

Briefly about Crimperroller

The concept of
Crimperroller + Kvickfinn

The concept involves processing of catch crops and mechanical weed control in one passing before sowing. We present two options to add to your crop rotation. The timing and manner depends on the presence of perennial weeds.

Alternative 1

Processing of catch crop before sowing spring or autumn crop with Crimperroller and Kvickfinn in one passage.

The combination of Kvickfinn and Crimperroller terminate the catch crop and plant residues are left on the surface. The sowing of the main crop can then be done with a disc seeder with high pressure on the coulters. The plant residue provide protection against evaporation and make it more difficult for weeds to germinate.

Alternative 2

Pre-summer tread, green manuring and sowing of winter crops

In case of high weed pressure, an effective short summer tread can be maintained with 3-4 passes of Kvickfinn at 2-3 week intervals to control weeds. Seeding is then done of a fast growing green manure crop. After 2-3 months, Crimperroller along with a direct drill can establish an autumn crop and the catch crop contributes with nutrition, maintains soil moisture and protects against weeds.



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