About us

Lyckegård is an innovative company working to equip farmers with products for sustainable agriculture. This means that we stand by the farmer and offer both advice and tools for a gentler use of the soil. Always with a focus on sustainability, efficiency and profitability.

Our purpose

We only have one earth, and we need to take care of it. Farmers have done this  for thousands of years. The land has been used and cared for, to put food on people´s tables. Like society in general, agriculture has developed in an increasingly efficient direction, to feed a growing population.

So far so good. But today we have another factor to consider. Sustainability. We need to make sure that the soil we leave behind is healthy and alive, in order to continue to produce good harvests and good living conditions. Lyckegård’s purpose is to develop sustainable agriculture, for the good of the soil. In short, we want to be the best eart´s best friend.

Research & field trials

How can we get even better results from sustainable crop cultivation methods? This is the big issue that Lyckegård work on a daily basis. In order to deepen our knowledge in this area, we collaborate with research groups and agricultural universities and can thus help farmers to modern and sustainable cultivation methods according to the latest findings.

What is sustainable farming?

Conventional and organic farming has long been regarded as two opposites. At Lyckegård, we do not believe that the farmer has to choose between extremes. Instead, we believe in a middle way where you benefit and learn from both sides. The result is what we call sustainable agriculture with reduced use of chemical spraying agents, by keeping the soil green for most of the year, healthy crop rotations and effective mechanical methods.

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