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Lyckegård is a Swedish company founded in 2008. The company specializes in crop production and offers a broad product portfolio of tools for sustainable agriculture. The business consists of the business areas, Soil & Seed, for tillage, sowing and mechanical weed control, and Water, for irrigation systems.

Lyckegård’s product range covers the need throughout the growing year and can be used by both organic and conventional farmers who want to reduce the use of pesticides, optimize efforts and make more efficient and sustainable decisions. Sustainability is a key issue for agriculture, and in line with this, Lyckegård works with innovative products and new cultivation strategies for a more environmentally friendly agriculture.

Soil & Seed

Within the Soil & Seed business area, Lyckegård develops, manufactures and sells machines and tools for tillage, sowing and mechanical weed control for farmers who want to reduce their use of chemical preparations and fertilizers.

Soil & Seed consists of a comprehensive product portfolio with four own products, Cameleon, Combcut, Kvickfinn and Crimperroller as well as complementary tools from other manufacturers, including German Treffler and Köckerling.

Lyckegård has established a strong Nordic market presence and is now in the process of developing the offering also for the European market. With the Soil & Seed business area, Lyckegård takes the needs of the market into account in the form of an attractive product range that covers the entire equipment requirement. 


Water was formed as an independent business area after Östorps Bevattning was acquired in the autumn of 2022 and is focused on irrigation of green spaces and agriculture through installation, advice and service of complete irrigation systems. By offering efficient irrigation solutions, Östorps Bevattning helps its customers to improve production and their irrigation goals in a water and energy-efficient way that provides increased yields.

Östorps manufactures its own pumping stations with a pump control product called SMART. SMART Control stands for operation and intelligence and is a cloud-based pump control unit that solves the need for reliability and reduces energy consumption and is well in line with modernized agriculture where there is a clear need for efficient irrigation solutions.

Lyckegård announced on April 5 that the Company intends to acquire the green space supplier KSAB, active in irrigation, golf and artificial turf. Through the acquisition of KSAB together with Östorps Bevattning, Lyckegård will achieve a market-leading position in irrigation in Sweden and create several synergies to further strengthen the business area and the Company’s growth.